Ten Free Valentines Day Cards Templates

I wanted to offer and create some Valentines Day cards for a long time. If you like making your own DIY cards, this article is for you. All the designs are available for free download for personal use. You can also use them commercially. For this I will just ask to please add the link to the museta.ro blog. All the designs are available in two versions. The JPG files are for those who will print and cut them by hand. The FCM files are for those using the Scanncut Brother machine to cut all the templates. The download link is on the bottom of the article.

The templates and materials

I will use Instagram to name each template. The ones naming each template will have their link here in the article. I tried to keep them as simple as possible. They are mainly designed for the Scanncut Brother machine. Because of the simplicity, they are easy to cut by hand as well. For the materials, colors etc… you should be creative and use materials depending on your taste. For the folding card part, you have the same identical size for all of them. I would prepare one simple folding card, and use it as a template to measure and cut the others.

To print the card face, I used a simple method. Take a card face that you cut just a little bigger, and with some scotch tape, tape the corners to the center / bottom of an A4 printer size paper. Then simply add that in the printer ( in most printers you will put the page with the card face facing down, with the empty printer paper part inside the printer ). To glue all the parts I’m using mostly white glue. Here and there I added hot glue as well. Click on the each image to see the large version of the photo.

You Sew Have My Heart - Valentines Day Card

You Sew Have My Heart

The name of the template was given by Parties Gifts and Decor.

A simple but cute design. I used a folding card template, a printed card face ( use the method describer earlier to print it ), and a bow. You can use any colors you wish. From what I have tried so far, red looks amazing ( in my opinion ).

Use a soft pad or anything soft under the card face, to create the holes for the heart. Then saw the decorative heart with the desired thread type and color. To tie the bow beautifully, follow the video tutorial as I’m using the same style.

Love Is In The Air - Valentines Day Card

Love Is In The Air

The name of the template was given by Susana Scotover.

For this one use the same method to cut the templates. I added a separate template for the hearts. For the hearts you can either print them on a white thin carton, or whatever method you find easier for you. For the sparkling hearts, I simply brushed them with a mix of white glue and water, then added some glitter on top.

To print the card face use the same method described previously. To tie the beautiful bow just follow the video tutorial, or use your own style.

 - Valentines Day Card

5×7 Valentines Card 003

Comment with a name and I’ll add your link here.

For this one we only use a folding card. There is no separate card face. There is a template available for the accessories. If you want to create a design with different folding card color and another for the face, just cut one using one of the other templates for the measures. You can glue everything together depending on your preferences.

It’s not necessarily to follow the example I made all the way trough. For the little text label… just print it and then you can cut it by hand as it’s not a complicated shape.

 - Valentines Day Card

5×7 Valentines Card 004

For this design you have a few options, besides the colors that you can pick as you wish. The heart on the front can be made in two ways. You can either cut the shape of the heart in the card face, and place the desired colored paper under the card face. The other version would be to cut a heart bigger than the one in the template and glue it on top if it’s hard for you to cut out the heart shape.

For the bottom I used some thread with some sparkles in it and added a little bow to make it look a little better.

The Love Tree - Valentines Day Card

The Love Three

This one was named by my brother from Earth Explorer, thinking about Adam and Eve. He is the one who actually created all the design files for me and always helps me with the video tutorials as well.

The design it’s simple and very basic as well. The hearts have a different template. The rest of the card follows the same patern as the others. On the card face you can let the tree in black and glue the hearts on top. If you would like to have it as the one I made, just cut out the tree shape with a very sharp cutter.

For the bow use again the video tutorial as it was made in the same style.

Flying Hearts - Valentines Day Card

Flying Hearts

The name of the template was given by Susana Scotover.

These design it’s very similar to the one I did in the video tutorial. The only difference it’s the size of the hearts and the fact that I atually sew them to the card face. I did the sewing by hand, but if you do a large number of card It’s better to use a sawing machine. To print the card face just use the same method described previously.

If you want, you can alter the design a little changing the number and the size of the hearts. It’s easy to cut a heart shape by hand anyway.

Double Heart Love - Valentines Day Card

Double Heart Love

The name of the template was given by Parties Gifts and Decor.

For this one we used the folding card, a card face, and the added accessories. Pick the colors you wish and create your own version. To give it a vintage look, on the card face and on the white hearts I used a sponge and some brown powder paint. The text writing in the ribbon was made with a stamp, but if you wish you can simply print it on paper.

The red hears are painted with clear sparking paint, but you can also use the white glue/water and glitter method as well.

 - Valentines Day Card

5×7 Valentines Card 008

Comment with a name and I’ll add your link here.

This particular model was one I was insisting to have. Unfortunately it’s hard to cut the decorative hand by hand. It’s not impossible though if you are good with the patience. To make it easy for you, I added a template version where you can print the heart on paper. The folder has a transparent PNG version as well if you really want to cut everything by hand.

This one it’s really easy to do wit the Scanncut Brother machine though.

 - Valentines Day Card

5×7 Valentines Card 009

Comment with a name and I’ll add your link here.

This particular design was meant to be extremely simple. Maybe not all of us are amazing in crafts and DIY. With this one I’m hoping I can help those too. To create this one you simply use the instructions I wrote for the others as well. For this one, and also on the other designs and I haven’t wrote about it… I glued the heart differently.

Pay attention to the photos and where the hearts seem a little 3D, the reason it’s that I used a double sided thick tape to glue them to the card face. Then simply use whatever you have to decorate the heart and the rest of the card face.

Love Rains Supreme - Valentines Day Card

Love Rains Supreme

The name of the template was given by Parties Gifts and Decor.

This one it’s similar to most of the ones I already presented. The hearts though, because they are too many… are printed on the card face. If you want you can also add a few hearts glued with the thick double sided tape to create a 3D look in the same way I added the umbrella.

I know I’m guilty for using so much pink. The first try was with red, but it looks way more cute in pink.

Here you have the download link as well. The folder has all ten templates in both JPG and FCM version, plus the example image. If you like the designs and you are making any of them let me know. I would love to see them too. Tag me in your Instagram photos @andreeamzaharcu and feel free to share this article wit those you think they may like them too. Follow me on Instagram and watch my posts. You can name them in there and I will add your link here. Of if you want you can also simply comment in here and name one of them that doesn’t have a name yet.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment on this article. Thank you for watching and reading this article. I’m waiting for you to visit again !

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  1. I already named a card but I have to keep going, even if you pick other people, because I love them. Card 001 name: You Sew Have My Heart! Card 010 name: Love Rains Supreme. Ok, I’m done. Lol

    1. Andreea M. Zaharcu

      Ha ha ha…. I just read your comments on Instagram as well. Ok since I thought of having different people naming each of them let’s make a deal. If no one gives them a name in the next 24 hours I will name these using yours 😁 Thank you one more time for the nice word and I’m really happy you like them.

  2. Flying hearts….for the number 006…
    Love it !!!

  3. Love is in the air…..for number 002

    1. Andreea M. Zaharcu

      Thank you. Let me know if you have a website or an Instagram account you want me to link the name to. I will only pick one for now and if no one named the other in the next 24h then it’s also yours if that’s ok. Thank you one more time.

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