Andreea M. Zaharcu


My name is Andreea, and I’m the woman behind the Museta blog.

My story is like any other … I grew up with my mother … with DIY, stitching, sewing, cooking … and I fixed things around the house with my brother in weekends. Now I’m continuing the same family tradition, together with my husband and child.

Museta is a place for the entire family. It’s a blog that inspires you to do all sorts of things yourself. A place where you can find DIY projects, tutorials, building plans, recipes, advice for parents and ideas for the everyday families. I will try to always offer new and interesting content that is relevant to parents and busy but fun and creative mothers.

My goal and hope is that this blog will be able to inspire the whole family and mothers like me. I hope that when a woman reads my blog, she will feel confident to try something she wants to do and trust that she will succeed ! I want her to know that she is more capable than she thinks. I firmly believe that whatever the project, with the right tools, good instructions, a little courage and a lot of patience, you can do anything.

It all started with the desire to create all sorts of things for my child. Now I do everything together with the whole family, with a lot of help from my husband, who builds me many of the “tools” used in my creations.


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