How to make a Minions favor box

How to make a Minions favor box

Learn how to make a Minions favor box for kids birthday parties using Sizzix dies from Ellison.

Cute and beautiful Minions themed favor box ( candy boxes ) using Sizzix dies from Ellison. The set I had was actually meant to create owls and foxes, but I had a request for a Minions themed birthday party…. so I improvised a little and came up with these.

They are pretty easy to make and with a good impact on your clients or kids, since you create something with their favorite characters. I believe if you use your imagination a little, you can create a lot of other characters as well.

Minions Themed Favor Box

The templates and materials

For this particular Minions themed favor box I used the Sizzix dies set from Ellison. For cutting the eyes circle I had to used a circle from a different set I had around. You can pick the diameter depending on your preferences.

The paper used was just regular card-stock, and for the glasses base and circles I used foam. To glue the carton I prefere using white glue as it lasts longer. For the glasses in the tutorial I used hot glue. The hot glue doesn’t seem to hold as well, so I prefere to use silicone glue even if it takes some time to dry. At the end I want to create a good quality product, even if it takes a lot longer.

Quick steps and tips

First it’s easy if you decide on the number of the boxes you have to create, and cut all the needed parts. If you have a large number of boxes to create, try to do on all one step at a time. Fist prepare and finish all the boxes. Then cut the shape needed for the pants. Since for the pants I didn’t had any dies set, I used half of the one I created the box with. If you want, you can simply cut them by hand with ought using any dies set at all. Then simply create a template, and trace it on the carton to create the rest of the needed pants.

The pocket I cut in the video tutorial is optional. You can cut it from a separate piece, as it gives the pants more like a 3D look. If you don’t want the pocket this way, you can simply draw it. For creating a little shade on the box, pants and glasses edges… I used Distress Oxide Ink ( Vintage Photo ).

That’s it… it’s really simple to create. Remember to be creative and create other characters as well. If you like my tutorials and articles please don’t forget to come visit me and subscribe to my YouTube channel to help me grow and create more content for you.

Video tutorial – Minions themed favor box

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