How to make the cutest flower pot people

How to make the cutest flower pot people

Learn how to make the cutest and long lasting flower pot people. Simply beautiful decorations for your garden that everyone will love.

Create your own DIY garden art and make the cutest flower pot people. They are not hard to make and all you need is a little patience. If you pay close attention to the details in the video, you will end up with a long lasting flower pot people.


  • 2 x 13 cm diameter pots
  • 12 x 7 cm diameter pots
  • Outdoor patio paint
  • Paper template for the face
  • 2 x 25 mm screws with nuts
  • 2 x 15 mm screws with nuts
  • 12 x grommets
  • 16 x washers
  • Some rope


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • A pen
  • Lighter
  • Different size brushes
  • Rounded ball tool
  • Pliers
  • Screw driver depending on the screws
  • Masking tape ( optional )
  • Plastic cups and a wood stick

Preparing the pots

First of all you have to decide on the size of your flower pot “person”. For the one in the tutorial I used the sizes described in the materials list. You can always make them smaller or bigger. You also have the option and keep them simple with ought adding hands, legs and the bottom part. But I think they are way cutter this way. My little kid loves them all over the garden, and we like giving them a little personality changing their faces and expressions.

Terracotta flower pots for the flower pot people

The second step it’s to drill the holes. Do this step carefully and with patience so you don’t brake the pots. Put the big pots on top of each other as they are in the final design. Then you have to drill the two interior holes for the screws that will keep them together. On the bottom part, in the front side you need two holes for the legs, and two holes in each side for the hands. If you watch the tutorial you will realize where to place them exactly. After you finished drilling them, just brush them and wipe them with a cloth to remove the dust.


Same as in the older project I posted here about the paper flower topiary, I’m using outdoor patio paint from DecoArt. It is indeed an affiliate link, but that’s not the reason I’m promoting this paint. I’m just trying to save you money, as in the past three years I wasted a lot of money on paint that wasn’t good enough and it was always pealing in time. This one it’s the best I found so far, and it’s more like a rubber coating than paint. So far I had my flower pot men outside for more than a year and they still look like new.

Outdoor patio paint from DecoArt for your flower pot people

Picking the colors you want to use it’s up to you. In the video, you see me decorating the pots with little flowers. Those are optional, but I like giving them an extra touch. The important part is to save some paint. For this we will do one coat inside and outside, and only add the second coating on the exterior. Since the “head” pot will hold the flower, it will be the only one to get two coatings inside and outside. For the face I’m using an image I found on line here. You pick the way you want to transfer the drawing on the pot. In the video I’m showing you one way. If you are good on drawing you can do it straight on the pot by hand.

After painting everything I would recommend you to let the pots drying over night and only put them together the next day. Then still keep the pots inside at least 48 hours more. That’s because the paint manufacturer recommends a total drying time of at least 72 hours long. This way you will have a long lasting paint that will not come off in any kind of weather.

Painting the head of the flower pot people with patio paint

Preparing the hands and legs

I will not give you the exact measures of the rope, as it depends on the size of the pots you are using. I’m guessing the rope you are using depends on your taste as well. If you follow the video it’s pretty easy to realize how to make them. The space I left between the pots used for the hands was 25mm, and for the ones of the legs was 30mm. The length of rope I left for the legs was about 60mm. For the last pots both for the hands and for the legs as well, add a grommet on top as shown in the video.

One thing I’m still not happy about it’s the hot glue. It lasts a long time, but sometimes because of the heat, it does fail. It’s simple to fix though, and they brake only if you move them around a lot. If you find a better solution to replace the hot glue with something else that could last longer in any weather, please let me know so I can improve the design. I would love to replace the hot glue with something else, and if I find anything better I will add that here in the article.

Putting everything together

The video it’s pretty much self explanatory. I will mention though to be very careful when you tighten the screws. Don’t do it too hard so you won’t brake the pots. Another tip would be to also paint the screws, unless you are using stainless steel ones as I do. Those don’t rust easy, but they are a little expensive comparing to the regular ones. Inside the top pot that will hold the flower, you can also cover the screws with some silicone, not shown in the video. I only do that for the ones made for clients as I don’t mind fixing my own in time.

And that’s it pretty much. Now you have company in your garden for your morning coffee. If you like my tutorials and articles please don’t forget to come visit me and subscribe to my YouTube channel to help me grow and create more content for you. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment on this article. Thank you for watching and reading this article. I’m waiting for you to visit again !

Video tutorial – How to make the cutest flower pot people

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  1. This one is one of my favorites tutorials so far. Maybe because I like these little people, or because I like gardening I don’t know. For sure I wouldn’t be able to have these if I would be again on a boat but…. I do like having them now while I’m on land hehehe… πŸ™‚

    1. Andreea M. Zaharcu

      Hi Alma, I’m glad you like them. I will try to make more videos soon about them with more versions. I will try to add some more graphics for download for different faces and expressions for them.

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