DIY Scented Candles At Home

Scented candles in stores are pretty cheap. So why doing DIY Scented Candles At Home ? There are many reasons. First of all, you can add any essential oil you like to have in any desired flavor. The scented candles from the store smell very well in the store. When it burns at home, not so much. Also…. they are easy to make at home and also pretty cheap. I’m making my own scented candles in any design I need.


  • A glass container
  • Regular candles ( new or old )
  • A pot to melt the candles
  • Essential oil
  • Decorations
  • Barbecue sticks

The candles and wax

You can use either the rests of the old candles, or you can buy really cheap brand new candles for this. If they are longer, simply cut them in two. Depending of the height of the glass container you will use, make sure the wicks are long enough for the container. We will use these instead of making new ones. The quantity of the candles depends of the size and number of the scented candles you will make.

Use the pot to melt the candles. After melting the candles I like transferring everything in a plastic container that is really easy to pour with. You can clean the pot with boiled water after you finished everything. If you want different wax colors, you can use food coloring to do this. You can also use wax crayons as well, melting them together with the candles.

The essential oil

Here you get to pick your favorite and desired flavors. The quantity of the essential oil depends as well of the number of candles you will make. Also here you can experiment a little with the quantity, depending of the strength of the perfume desired. Personally for two candles as the ones in the tutorial, I’m using about 5ml. When the wax is melted, mix it with the essential oil.

The decorations and the glass container

For the glass container you can use any shape and size you wish. Pick these depending of what you have available, and also depending of the finished design you would like to have. The ones I used in the video tutorial have 40ml each. For the decorations, you will use either what you have available, or depending of the final look you wish to get. Keep in mind, the glass will get really hot. Do not use any plastic material that would eventually melt.

Pour the melted wax mixed with the essential oil in the glass container. Keep the wick straight using the help of a barbecue stick as in the video tutorial. Once you finished, let the cool down. When the wax has hardened, cut the wick to a proper size. Then you can add the desired decorations, and your scented candles are now ready. These are the same candles I used for the Valentines Day decoration tutorial previously published.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment on this article. Thank you for watching and reading this article. I’m waiting for you to visit again !

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