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Andreea M. Zaharcu

A few words about Museta


I’m Andreea and I’m the woman behind the Museta blog. Here you can read my story, and how I started the blog trying to inspire people to be creative.

I created this blog trying to share ideas for your home and family. Crafts, cooking recipes, home decor, DIY, refurbishing and more. I will try to always offer new and interesting content for parents and busy but creative mothers.

I initially started with an online handmade products store. Since I had a newborn at that time, it was hard to find the time to make any products and I had to close the store. Now as he is growing up, I have more time to create, and I make it all together with him and my husband. Occasionally my brother may step in and make a tutorial now and then. I love my family and we all like working together. Since we do a lot of things and projects for our home, we decided to create this blog and the YouTube channel trying to inspire other people like us to be creative.

I hope you will find the inspiration you need, and that my articles will help you create beautiful things for your home and family.

Welcome to Museta !

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